• Ruth Davis

    I’m Ruth Davis and I’ve been helping people love theirs Macs since 1987. I work with folks with all levels of experience, from “techno-tards” to techy geeks, from folks who barely know how to use email, to entrepreneurs who create marketing content and videos.

    But my specialty is working with folks over 50 who didn’t grow up with technology.

    My patient and non-techy approach encourages you to use your Apple products to stay connected with family and friends and feel comfortable exploring what’s possible in this high tech world.

    What would you like to learn more about?



    Mac2School offers a complete library of video training lessons that are designed for users of all levels of experience. Even long-time Mac users will learn things to work smarter.

    I don’t just teach you the how-to’s of an application. You’ll learn ways to use the features of an app to support the way YOU work. You’ll master shortcuts and tips that will save you time and make your computer life stress-free. And, you may even teach your kids and friends some new tricks!

    Videos are available to watch 24/7 wherever you have a high speed internet connection.

    So whether you are new to computers, switching from a PC or have been a Mac lover for years, Mac2School can help you get more out of your Apple experience.



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