Missing Folders in Mail with Lion

Where did all of my folders go? Many clients are emailing me in a panic.

The triangles that used to appear next to ON MY MAC and iCLOUD and GMAIL that you could click on the reveal your folders are gone.
To see your folders, hover your mouse over ON MY MAC and iCLOUD and GMAIL where the folders used to be and you’ll see the word SHOW on the right side.

Click SHOW and all of your folders will appear.

iPad and iPhone App of the Month

Where Am I?

On your iPhone and your iPad if you have a 3G data service, you can immediately find your location on the Map.

1. Tap the Maps App

2. In the bottom left corner, tap the arrow

3. Your location will be marked with a green pin on the map

4. Turn your device and the map will rotate, based on the direction you are facing- a handy feature when you are using the Maps in walking mode.


Fast Printing

Instead of opening up a document in order to print it, you can drag the icon of the document onto the printer icon in the Dock.

To get your printer into the Dock, open any document and print it. The printer icon will appear briefly in the Dock as it is printing. Click and hold the cursor on the icon and choose Options. Choose Keep in Dock.

Now, anytime you need to print something, just drag it onto the Printer icon.

iPad and iPhone App of the Month

Favorite Apps of the Month

People are taking more pictures than ever with their iPads and iPhones. If you’d like your pictures to have a little more pizazz, check out these free Photo Apps:

INSTAGRAM: Pick from several filtered effects and borders, then share your photos on Instagram’s website.

HIPSTER: Hipster lets you create a send photographs as postcards, complete with a photo, text, location and more.

PICTURE EFFECT MAGIC: Turn your photo in a retro snapshot or a picture drawn by a pencil or paints. Or just add a frame of flowers–the choices are endless.

PICIBOOTH: Turn your iPhone and iPad into a photo booth with different backgrounds and cool effects.


Comparing Pictures in iPhoto

You can compare two photos in iPhoto by clicking on one, holding down Command and clicking on another. Click Edit and they will appear side by side so you can decide which one is better.

This is just one of the many tips and shortcuts that you’ll learn in The Virtual Classroom courses All About iPhoto. Whether you are still using iPhoto ’09 or have the newest iPhoto ’11, there’s a course for you.

Check it out!

iPad and iPhone App of the Month

New iOS 5.1 and iPhoto

With the introduction of the new iPad, there’s also a new iOS for all iPads and the iPhone.

Download the new iOS 5.1 software under Settings–General–Software Update.

Once you install the new iOS you can download iPhoto ($4.99) for your iPad and iPhone and do all the editing, effects and organizing you’ve been able to do with the Mac version.

The iPad and iPhone version also includes Photo Journals, great for sharing your pictures with friends and family on the device and online.

For a complete review of the new iPhoto for iOS 5.1, click here.


Lion and Mail: Saving Photos and Attachments

In the newest version of Mail, the SAVE button isn’t gone, it’s just hidden.

1. In the top right corner of any email, click on Details.

2. Now you have the familiar SAVE and QuickLook options.

3. To Save a picture into iPhoto, just click and hold on SAVE and choose Add to iPhoto from the menu.

4. To Save an Attachment, click and hold on SAVE, choose SAVE ALL and choose where you want to save it.

iPad and iPhone App of the Month

Adding a Person’s Photo to their Contact Info

It’s fun to have a person’s face appear when you are receiving an incoming call from them on your iPhone or a FaceTime call.

1.  Find the person in your Contacts.

2.  Tap Edit.

3.  In the top left next to their name tap the square that says Add Photo.

4.  You can either take a picture of them or choose a photo from your Camera Roll.